So far Dr. E has been very helpful with finding the right medication that works best for me. And she really cares about her patients. I’m so happy to have her as my doctor.
Alexis J.

They doctor/specialist is always patient and professional when talking to me. She hears my co.cerns or challenges and helps me in the best way she can. Thank you Erik
Erik T.

The Doc actually listens to my concerns
Brianna L.

Admin is very responsive and easy to work with. My provider has been fantastic to work with. Attentive, responsive, gives sound advice and recommendations, takes into account my overall health and well being, and is cautious with a step by step approach to my healthcare.
Timothy S.

Dr. E is amazing! She constantly “gets” me. She’s so easy to work with and has a great personality. And recently, when my regular pharmacy couldn’t get my Rx, she sent it to a new place within just a couple of hours! Such a relief to work with a super nice professional.
Lori S.

Helpful and kind staff.
Desi K.

Awesome communication skills and special treatment for everyone very pleasant
Dana P.

Dr. E is a life saver! I’ve been through a lot of psychiatrists and De. E is one of the best. Professional, curious, determined, kind, persistent. Her dilegent pursuit of my my difficult and highly resistant depression and anxiety symptoms have given me a new lease on life and the first time in adulthood where I’ve been almost anxiety free!
Evan F.

The Dr. is thoughtful and patient. Her team always make me feel welcome, and helps keep me on track to make it to my appointments. Definitely give their office a call!
Sam M.

Easy to talk to and through
Natalie H.

Dr. E has always been patient and understanding of my reservations regarding medications. She talks me through what the medication is for and is prompt to respond to any concerns that may arise between appointments. The office staff has always been friendly, cheerful, and helpful.
Cody I.

I am so grateful I was connected with Nwamaka Emeruem. She is beyond compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. Not only does she want to know what is brining you in the door, but how other aspects of life/health are going to take a full picture approach. Other providers in the past have been so demeaning and I feel like I’m another number for them. Nwamaka Emeruem does NOT do that. I feel so seen and heard. I am also doing so much better now under her care. Absolutely recommend!
Diana K.

Dr E is amazing! She listens to my concerns and is very caring with her job. She has been the only doctor who has diagnosed me correctly after years of being misdiagnosed. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking good, professional provider.
Maria S.

Dr. Emeruem is great I would absolutely recommend her!
Nancy M.

Dr. Emeruem is INCREDIBLE! I have had all of my depression and anxiety needs met, so has my son. We would be lost without Dr. E!
Summer S.

I’m very satisfied with my service from my doctor she is very knowledgeable and take time to listen to me and she cares about my well being I would recommend her to anyone
Cynthia R.

Knowledgeable, caring, sensitive, prompt, and reliable!! 100% recommend
Javada S.

Very professional and attentive.
Michele K.

Nwamaka Emeruem is a kind, caring, and passionate doctor who takes their patients very seriously and listens to them. I would highly recommend her to my friends and those who are just starting their journey to improve their mental health. I really enjoy seeing her monthly and I hope to continue seeing her as my psychiatrist. 🙂
Allison B.

I went off a recommendation, I am not disappointed at all. In fact I feel like I should have made this move a long time ago. I have a someone who actually cares about my well-being.
Matthew N.

Dr E is very personable and attentive. She answers all my questions and explains things in a way I can understand.
Keira T.

Dr E is wonderful
Colleen S.

I have had adhd all my life, when I hit my 30s, seems like it had gotten worse, couldn’t focus on one thing, my mind was so tired from going 100 different directions, Dr Emeruem is very informative, she genuinely cares about your mental health and most of you that are reading this are probably thinking I don’t need a psych, I just need to focus and redirect. Call her, she is amazing!
Kim W.

Dedicated professional who cares about a persons whole well-being. Willing to take the time needed to understand patient needs. Very happy this telehealth service exists as it was impossible to get local appointments.
Sophia B.

I have really enjoyed this practice and as a matter of fact this is the best practice I’ve been to.
Garrett P.

Always professional, friendly and above all, listens to concerns and answers questions.
Mary Jo E.

I have been a patient of DR. Emeruem for about half a year. Through out this time I’ve been treated with the utmost respect and have been helped learning to cope with the challenges I experience. I appreciate the care and concern Dr. Emeruem has shown me and am grateful for the treatment which has had a positive result in my life .
Jose S.

Working with Dr. Emeruem has been a true blessing in my life. I not only received the proper medicine and dosage for the first time in my life but I also feel educated and empowered about my condition. She takes her time, explains, checks in and really cares whether you’re improving or not under her care. Her staff is so kind, professional and patient. I’ve had the best experience under care with the Ease team and I am so grateful to have found this company.
Kendra L.

I am very happy with my treatment
Amber E.

Provider is knowledgeable and compassionate. She is open to discuss medications options.
Syed N.

I really appreciate the genuine care and attention Dr E always maintains.
Clark B.

I have been a patient for about two years. Dr. Emeruem takes the time to listen to my needs. I know I can reach out to her any time and feel she truely cares about me and my care. She has gone out of her way to take care of me, even when I couldn’t take care of myself.
Jamie K.

Great experience
Kimberly S.

Dr. E is fantastic. Cares about her patients and is always a pleasure to speak with!
Angelina B.

My experience is great she listens and helps you find resolution
Yvette W.

Professional, compassionate care!
Kiwana E.

Dr. Emeruron has been there for me and helps manage my medication.
Delilah T.

I LOVE Dr. Emeruem so very much. She truly cares about her patients and wants to ensure we are doing well and everything is going great for us. She remembers things about me that absolutely blow me away and really add a personal touch. I took one star away because at times, the office staff can be a bit of a challenge and the patient portal is a bit challenging as well. However, I would never switch doctors for something superfluous like that, she is worth you time, money, and patience a million fold!
Summer S.

I am treated with respect and patience
Diana P.

Dr Em is the best.. very attentive and caring…
Timothy B.

I’ve had a really good experience. My psychiatrist takes her time to explain stuff to me that will help me. It makes me look at things in a different way.
Tosha W.

Nwamaka has had such a profound impact on our lives. We frequently have doctor, therapist, and specialist appointments for our children with disabilities and rarely have any providers or providers offices treated us with such a high level of care and consideration. I am a zealot of Dr. Emeruem! Every chance I get I recommend her to friends, support groups, and loved ones.
Lisa D.

Dr. E. is the absolute best! Always cares about how I’m doing.
Angelina B.

She tries hard to keep your treatments consistent even when dealing with a difficult insurance company
Michele K.

I’m continually blessed by the intentional work of the staff. Dr. E has worked hard with me to get the help I need and certainly has my best interests in mind. I highly recommend this practice.
Steven H.

Prompt to get on for appointment, listens to anything I have to say and quick to get prescriptions filled!
Laura U.

Dr. Ejike is the best! She listens and understands your situation! She really makes you feel empowered
Lorena G.

I even brought my kid to her
Nick P.

my daughter was at ease, comfortable. really was a nice visit and informative.
Ella S.

Dr. Ejike-IIechukwu is fabulous! She listens, offers wonderful suggestions, and is very helpful with all of my needs and concerns.
Janine S.

I can’t believe how far I have gotten with Dr. Emeruems guidance. Thank you for always being there when no one else was.
Ramin A.

Very easy to talk with. She always asks me how im doing and if i have any questions. The visits are not interrupting even when im working.
Michelle O.

Very happy! So helpful! I’ve searched a longtime for answers and I got that support here. Thank you Angie
Angie L.

Genuinely one of the most kind providers I’ve worked with. I feel listened to and supported and like I have someone who actually wants to help me!
Christopher A.

Emeruem has been the the absolute best for the couple of years I have now seen her. She’s quick and efficient, but also asks about how you are doing, and is interested and invested in your actual well being. Emeruem is also by far the best provider I have dealt with in all my years seeing doctors and nurse practitioners for managing my medications. If I have side effects, or my life is interrupted in any way, she is able to easily adjust or switch to something that better fits to help me find exactly what I need. I highly recommend Emereum.
Kaitlin W.

Great with her patients.
Michael D S.

Listens, very understanding, and caring. I really like her a lot. She is highly recommended for your mental health needs!
Samuel H.

This is the best mental health experience I have had. Dr. Emeruem made me feel seen and validated my experience. Really looking forward to building a relationship here!
Sameeksha T.

I am still a very new patient but in the past years I haven’t received better medical care in general. Dr. Emeruem makes me feel heard and prioritized. I couldn’t be happier with the experiences I’ve had thus far.
Emily B.

Dr. Emeruem is the absolute best! I followed her from a previous practice to her new one and am so glad I did! She provides nothing less than the utmost professional care and has truly increased my quality of life and am so grateful.
Edna N.

This has helped me very much.
Karen R.

My doctor is very professional and shows compassion. She is a good listener and she offers advice to help me cope with my depression and anxiety. I feel very comfortable with her and she makes sure to get my prescriptions filled
Cynthia J.

Listened to my concerns, able to answer questions, and refills/referrals sent in a timely manner.
Cody I.

Always a warm and friendly experience.
Lauren W.

Dr. Emeruem and her staff takes great care of me. They are very responsive and I feel at ease while in their care.
Allison P.

Dr. E has been so helpful in managing my ADHD.
Leigh K.

Very professional and thorough
Jacob D.

Very good experience with doctor
Annetta W.

I have been seeing Dr. Emeruem for almost 2 years now and she has been so so so helpful with my mental health journey! Quick and efficient telehealth appointments with the added bonus of a doctor who genuinely cares about her people feeling their best is such a win-win! I am so grateful I found Dr. E when I did to help me with my ADHD and anxiety management. She’s so great!
Brooke T.

Dr. Ejike-Ilechukwu is an amazing doctor! I have ADHD and she consistently checks up on me and makes sure my medication is working for me. She doesn’t take much time out of your day and still helps out a lot. Highly recommend for anyone looking to get evaluated.
Ileana A.

She’s the best. Great listener, and prioritizes my health above all.
Bryan S.

I throughly enjoy my experience. She is very compassionate and listening attentively to my issues or concerns.
Lakeisha S.

Dr. Emeruem and the staff are highly professional and friendly and ensure that our family is properly informed, treated, and supported with our mental health care. I have no qualms recommending them to family and friends, and often do!
Lisa D.

Nwamaka Emeruem is a learned, skilled, compassionate psychiatric professional, who LISTENS!
Robert M.

Alway comfortable and confident that I am getting excellent care. My concerns are always considered.
Mary Jo E.

Absolutely wonderful! I feel heard and respected. Best yet, my depression is controlled for the first time ever.
Kelly W.

She is very understanding
Lorena G.

I have had an excellent experience going to Dr. Emeruem. She is very knowledgeable and helpful.
Samir D.